Thanks to my sweet client Carrie, we ended up in a fun group conversation about coconut oil at our salon/spa. We decided it should be coined as “a woman’s duck tape”. It has so many uses you can’t even imagine, from lotion to diaper rash ointment, substitute for butter to a natural alternative to KY lubricant. The stuff is amazing!! I decided to do a little research on it and came across a list of 101 uses for coconut butter from, as well as other great sites.

Here are our top 10 favorite beauty uses:

1.) eye makeup remover

2.) mix with lavender essential oil for a nighttime lotion

3.) tanning oil (natural SPF 4)

4.) prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

5.) mix with equal parts sugar for an exfoliating body scrub (can add essential oils for scented scrub) or use salt for stronger exfoliate to sluff off dead skin cells on your feet

6.) can sooth eczema

7.) natural shave cream

8.) help reduce cellulite and varicose veins (if used consistently)

9.) helps heal baby’s cradle cap and a good natural diaper rash cream, also great as a nipple cream for nursing moms

10.) great cuticle cream There are so many uses its hard to hit them all but these are some great uses related to our daily beauty routines.

Hope you can find a use for our “duck tape”


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