Have you ever been in for a highlight and left feeling too gold, or too ashy?

Your stylist should use a toner to get your blonde to the tone you want to achieve. There are rare instances where you will not need a toner on your blonde, but not many of us are that perfect! Usually hair will pull to a yellow tone naturally (when lightened), but once you use a toner at the shampoo bowl it will be perfect!

A toner is just color for blondes. When you have someone highlight your hair, most likely it is bleach. I know, I know…. bleach sounds scary, but if you are lifting color out of your hair, bleach is the only way to get to a blonde. Once you use bleach to lift the color to your desired level, then it’s time to apply a toner to get you to that perfect beige blonde or platinum, or even a golden blonde.

A toner is usually applied when you are at the shampoo bowl for anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes depending on your hair. Your stylist will choose the desired color and formulate it to make it a perfect fit.

A toner can also be used to refresh blonde in between colors. Call and book an appointment to refresh your color by having a new toner applied. Toners like color will fade with time so if you are someone who only needs a highlight every 8 to 10 weeks it may be a good idea to go in at week 4 or 5 for a quick refresh. This will be a fairly quick appointment and is much cheaper than doing a full color, but you will leave feeling like new!

If you have never had a toner applied to your blonde, next time you see your stylist ask if its a good fit for you.

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