Everyone at some point in their life has experimented with box color (over the counter color, bought at grocery stores, drug stores, etc). Then usually you are at the salon paying triple to have it fixed. If you have ever wondered why the color is so different from what a stylist uses, or felt like maybe it is the same thing– here is the difference!

– Metallic dyes:

To be able to allow you to buy the color at $10-15 dollars, the companies have to use a lower grade of ingredients. One of the things they use is called metallic dyes (this is the general term, not what you will see on the ingredient list). These dye molecules are very harsh on your hair. The major downfall of the metallic dye is that it will turn your color into a brassy mess no matter what you wanted it to look like. These dye molecules are also very hard to get rid of!!! They do not naturally and slowly fade out of your hair, you have to grow them out until you completely cut the hair off.


When you are using a box dye on yourself or having your friend do it for you, you are guessing at your application process. Professional stylists are trained to apply your color in the right order and for the right amount of time, where the box gives your a general rule of timing which is not always what is needed for each person.

-Choosing a Box Color:

When you choose your color off the box you see what the end result of that color is on natural (no color) hair, not what it will look like with your previously colored hair. Example: If you choose an ashy brown and put it over blonde, you will most likely end up with a blue or green looking brown. Stylists go through extensive color theory and chemistry training that helps them formulate for your needs. Using a stylist allows them to use multiple colors to cater to what you are exactly wanting, unlike box color that is one color and there is no real ability to mix in other tones to make what you want to achieve.

We hope this helps you make a better decision when thinking… hmmm I could save some money and do it myself?!? Just remember it is going to cost you in the long run either financially to fix it, or by getting a bad result and drying out your hair.

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