With thousands and thousands of hair and skin products available, it can get a little overwhelming when shopping. From deciding what’s best for you to deciding where to purchase from, it’s easy to get lost!

Why not just get the Amazon deal, or go for the cheaper off-brand bottle? They’re great for other buys, but let’s look at why purchasing our hair and skin care products from us is the most beneficial to you!


We spend a great deal of time to selecting the best product lines for our clientele. Once we find our favorite products, we work directly with their distributor! Working and ordering directly from the company/distributor guarantees top product quality. Did you know hair and skin product expire? It’s very hard to know how long a product has been sitting on a retail shelf somewhere, or what kind of third party it’s traveled through to get here.

When a product expires, the main ingredients become inactive, resulting in product that won’t deliver your desired “clean/condition/style/shine/hold/etc.” you’re paying for. It happens more often than you’d think!


You might be already investing in your hair and skin by scheduling that color/haircut appointment regularly or getting facials here and there! But AFTERCARE is the key to consistency and improvement!

Think of it as investing in working out with a personal trainer, just to go home and eat junk food. Coloring your hair for example, is an investment. Without the proper color aftercare you risk fading, color change, or dehydrated hair. We want your look to last!!

Same thing goes for skincare! If you’re looking to improve your complexion in any way, facials are an amazing place to start, but at-home care is where you’ll really start to see results.


We would never sell you something that we don’t love ourselves!

Everyone’s hair and skin are different, and that’s one of our favorite parts of the job. We love to help you find the perfect product for YOU. You’ll find the best guidance from a licensed professional who has been able to work with you in person, than a Google search for “best curly hair products”, trust us!

Not every skin and hair type are the same, and neither are their beauty products. Let us guide you!


When you buy from your stylist, you support them in so many ways!

Most salons have a system set up that reward sales with benefits such as credit towards new education classes, new products, supplies and more. At the end of the day, we always are looking to learn new things and provide the best service possible! You guys are a huge reason we are able to achieve that goal.

So thank you!!

Stop in and chat with us about what we carry! You won’t regret it. 🙂

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