Balayage Highlight

What is this? A different version of the in-your-face high contrast ombré, which is a darker root that slowly becomes lighter on the ends. Balayage takes that ombré look and adds soft and subtle highlights that blend naturally. It still allows for a darker root which helps avoid a grown out rooty look.

What’s so great about it? This look is easier to keep up. It doesn’t require a lot of upkeep since there is more of the natural hair color at the roots.

It gives the hair a vacation or sun-kissed look. Have you been on vacation for a month? Nope, you just have that sun-kissed glow that makes you look like you’ve been in the sun for months.

This style is an amazing choice because it is so versatile. You can do a beautiful brown root that falls into a blonde or a dark red into a fun violet. The possibilities are Endless!!


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