As a high-end salon, we are constantly looking for the best hair care products out there. Our goal is to have your salon look follow you home! We all know there’s no better feeling than being pampered with a nice shampoo treatment, blowout and style.

The first step to achieve your salon look at home is the shampoo ( & conditioner)!

We currently carry 4 different lines of J.BEVERLY HILLS shampoo –

  1. RESCUE : This color REPAIR shampoo also pairs with a rescue conditioner! Don’t be fooled, this shampoo isn’t just for color, it helps with any type of dry or damaged hair. Formulated with blueberry, honey, coconut, and silk amino acids it truly defies damage.
  2. FRAGILE : This color PRESERVE shampoo handles your salon hair color with extreme care. This product is specified for colored hair and buddies with the Fragile Color Preserve conditioner! Formulated with chamomile, nettle, and sage extracts, it is honestly color safe and ideal for chemically treated hair.
  3. BLONDE : This TONING shampoo keeps your cool! Formulated with blue malva, chamomile, coconut and coneflower, this shampoo gently cleanses and helps neutralize unwanted yellow tones. Don’t grab that purple shampoo off of Walmart’s shelf, you WILL regret it! Some purple shampoos will overtone your hair (turning it silver or blue) or end up eventually stripping the color. Trust the professionals on this one. 😉
  4. Last but not least, PLATINUM HYDRATE SHAMPOO : With our salon located in Fort Collins, CO, we experience lots of dry weather, which can cause dry hair. We wanted a shampoo and conditioner that will work with our mountain-loving clientele! This product is formulated to infuse the hair with moisturizing agents to achieve smooth & healthy results. It’s formula thoroughly cleanses while repairing split ends, restoring manageability and adding shine! It’s suitable for both natural and color-treated hair. Sulfate free & color safe…we love that!

BOYS – We didn’t forget about you! Although all J.BEVERLY HILLS products are gender neutral, they’ve specialized a product line just for men! Your first step to achieving that salon look at home is also the shampoo. We carry 2 amazing shampoos –

  1. MOISTURIZING : Again, living in Colorado can result in dry hair. With a combination of aloe and nettle botanical extracts, moisture balance is introduced the scalp and hair while providing natural, gentle cleansing properties. This shampoo pairs with a conditioner to truly lock in that moisture. They both also have a subtle, yet heavenly smell!
  2. THICKENING – We all lose hair, so why not work towards new growth!? This stuff is magic. Formulated with alfalfa, aloe, and a propriety blend of proteins & vitamins to add thickness and moisture without weighing hair down. This daily shampoo utilizes vitamin B5 to strengthen and stimulate the hair follicle to promote new growth, making the hair visibly thicker & fuller!


After a relaxing shampoo, then comes the styling! Styling your own hair can seem tricky or hard at times, but with the right product and technique from your stylist it’s a breeze. Our stylists are always eager to give free tips and tricks when it comes to using a product or hot tool, all you have to do is ask! 🙂 Here are the J.BEVERLY HILLS styling products that we currently carry that will finish off your look –

  1. CRAZY CURL – Pump up your curl game! This DEFINING STYLING SERUM encourages curl separation, moisturizes and tames frizz. To use, first wash & condition with your favorite J.BEV line. Then, apply CRAZY CURL to damp hair, starting at the ends. Scrunch & diffuse for the best results! Embrace that curl, gurl!
  2. DRY SHAMPOO – This product is perfect for a “no-wash” day. As you might know, washing your hair everyday is unhealthy for the natural oils that your hair possesses. J.BEVERLY’S DRY SHAMPOO gently cleanses while absorbing excess oil and volumizing! Formulated with rice starch, rosemary and tea tree extracts, it is sure to naturally refresh your style. To get the most out of your dry shampoo, shake well, hold can 3-4 inches away from the root, let sit and then work it through the roots with your fingers.


  1. STRONG HOLD GEL – Formulated with a unique blend of holding resins and vitamin B5 for added volume. This gel has the ability to lock in your style, providing dependable, long lasting hold for all day control. You won’t see build up or flaking.
  2. SHAPER – Formulated with pliable texture fibers to create various styles with hold & MOBILITY. This is a MEDIUM strength gel compared to the Strong Hold Gel. You only need a small amount of J.BEVERLY’S gel to get the hold desired!
  3. POMAFLAGE – This is a water-based dark grey BLENDING pomade with a medium hold. It’s main purpose is to help conceal and blend grey hair. To use it, just apply a small amount to a grey area and work it through until blending is achieved. Magic! ( A root touch up for men!)

For more product information and styling tips, ask your stylist or shoot us an email! (

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